My Dream

To fear change is to fear a better life.

-bryan Ruadez

hey there, my name is Bryan Ruadez. im 22 years old and my current passion in life is photography. Now the question is will it always be my passion or is this just some sort of fling that will dissapear within the following years.

how i started photography

my photographic journey really began when i was young. when i think back to my childhood i recall many albums, scrapbooks and binders filled with my childhood. birthdays, vacation, and simple days with my mom and dad.

But it wasn’t until the summer of 2016 that i took a trip with my 2 best friends to the south America country of Peru. where i documented the whole trip. every image and video is save onto a hard drive. Because i knew that once we got back to the united states, we would go off to college and start our life as college kids going into debt and partying every chance we got.

during my trip in Peru, one of my best friends mentioned to me that i should take up photography/videography when we got back, and prior to that the idea of being a photographer never entered my mind. i never even held a actual DSLR camera, or new any of the basic how to’s on how to operate one. so that semester that i invested into my first ever camera. a Canon t6. it had your standard 18-55mm lens with an aperture of about 4

the rest is history. i began shooting everything i could and studying the art of photography.

why Product Photography:

after shooting a lot of portraits of friends, strangers, clients and of course dogs, i ventured into shoe photography, where my dream of owning my own product photography company came to flourish. i feel inlove with the idea of creating advertisment for companys such as nike, or cologne companies. As we venture into the future with AI technology taking over, i know one thing, and that is that now matter how good robots become, nothing will beat the connection that us humans have with each other. and i know ill have a secure job.

hyperlocal news

hyperlocal news websites are websites that are constantly being updated to what is currently going on around where you are at. it is alwasy being updated by a team of journalist or a single individual that focuses on multiple stories to update. based of of the two websites i searched


i was easily able to tell that the amount of time they put into extra unnecessary information is not as common as if it was a CNN or FOX websites.

thoses websites have multiple teams working on multiple projects allowing them to add entertainment, politics, buisnees (ETC)

for a hyperlocal news websites they might have those branches in the website but it wont be as in depth as the local news that is occurring,

in my opinion working on a hyperlocal news team might be even more stressful than that of a major news corporation.


ybor, home to many humans and roosters

known for its brick walls and cobblestone streets. so much history in every turn.
with every turn, on every street theres always a friendly rooster to admire. take the time to enjoy it. take a step back from your hectic life and ponder the simplicity of being a rooster.
since the semester started ive been wanting to capture this image. its simple yet pleasing to look at. the leading lines that point to the object in the center, the shadows casted by the pillars.
this city has so much potential to be the next Wynwood, the next Venice beach. always capable to expand in history, art and architecture.
welcome to centro Ybor, home to its infamous cuban cigars, crazy nightlife, and delicious cuban sandwiches .
come watch a movie, listen to a comedian or just tour the plaza home to many shops, tattoo establishments and many more
speaking of tattoos..
if you want to meet tom cruise go ahead and get a free screening from our famous scientology “church” maybe you can find out the reason for this “religion”
hope you enjoyed.

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Dalí Atomicus

Dalí Atomicus

this image took 27 tries

the photographer behind this was Phillpe halsman. a photographer, and best friend to salvador dali, one of the worlds most profound surealistic artist that the world has seen.

since my true passion is photograohy, i decided to do my research on this here photograph. taken in 1948 makes this masterpiece a hundred time better. with no technology to mask objects and move them where ever you please like you can do in photoshop. this had to be time perfectly.

the photographer would count to 4. 1,2,3, and on four dali would jump and the assistants would throw the water and the cats to capture such a magnificant image.

if you were to ask me to recreate this image with the technology we have now i would say that that would defeat the purpose and ruing the message behind such a work of art.

the name Dalí Atomicus come from atomicus, meaning to have everything in suspension. hence why capturing everything in the air was essential to this photograph.

Preparing for an interview:

“The mind of a master”

i decided to speak to a recently graduated masters student, Andrew. for (personal reasons i will not be disclosing his last name). Andrew was a marine for 8 years before coming to the University of Tampa where his love for sports science and medicine helped him and pushed him to learn as much as he can about how the body works under stressful workout situations. and how over working can cause to early retirement, injuries and much more. one thing that he said that stuck with me is that we are still so young. he has been in the marines, graduated with his bachelors and masters and is still under the age of 30. he is a prime example of how much time we do have on this earth even though it may seem limited.

the title came to me as i prepared my questions that i would ask my fellow interviewee. being able to communicate well thought-out my highschool/college career i figured this would be like many of the conversations ive had before. so let me tell you, it was not.

the easy going communications part did in fact help me out with allowing the conversation to flow, and allowed me to smoothly transition from topic to topic. but the prep, the consistency of what needed to be asked and how was what stumped me. I knew i wanted to know and “step in to the shoes” of this recently graduated masters students mind. i also wanted to understand what and why he had chosen this route for himself, why endure a few more years of treacherous schooling system.

so if i had to give you a few tips it would be this

  • jot down everything you would like to know
  • create a spreadsheet on paper or word document of how you plan on asking this.
  • Do some research related to your topic and get some insight.

the ability to ask thought provoking questions is the ultimate goal. you want to get the most out of this short time with that person. ask question that lead to multiple answers that you might have also wanted to ask.

and my last tip i would like to give you is

go in with an open mind. relax and go over your question right before the interview, it will refresh you, relax your mind and help you ease into the conversation.

Who would you interview?

We all have that one celebrity, president, or in my case favorite photographer that we would love to interview. the person i would like to interview would be Peter Mckinnon, a Canadian photographer who took over the photography spectrum on youtube with simple photography hacks, tutorials and elegant vlogs that showed us a small percentage of his life.

much of peters work can be found on his instagram or his youtube channel where he post weekly videos. He is widely known for adding a cinematic touch to his videos adding crisp B-roll and amazing cinematic sequences that could be used for a movie.

To begin the conversation i would ask him what got him into photography? and what has made him stay so attached to such a simple concept of photographing what he saw and how he sees things. if i were to ask 100 photographers why the chose photography they would each have a different answer. i do photography because i enjoy reliving a moment, even if it is just a simple sunset attached to a great night. or a building that casted a nice shadow over a side walk.

As for Peter, a professional photographer, his answer might vary from keeping food on the table to the art of editing his images and adding a cooler tone, or subtracting some saturation while still adding some luminance.

asking him what he thinks about the current instagram trends that seem to be taking up the feed of most photographers would definetyl be something i would ask.

how to find your style of editing would be a question many lost photographers might want to know. even if the trends on instagram get you more likes, how can i find my style without copying the next guy .

Who am I?

Blogs walked so Vlogs could run.

welcome to my first ever blog post. my name is Bryan Ruadez. im a 22 year old communication major studying the arts of mass media and the effects it has on people. and how a simple tweet, blog, post, share can reach thousands in a matter of seconds. where you can connect with someone of the same interest as you on opposites sides of the world .

I was born in San Cristobal Venezuela and immigrated to the states as a young child i grew up in a house hold with a single mother where predominately we spoke Spanish, and learned english in school. now at this age i consider english to be my first language and Spanish to by a close second. Being able to read and write in both languages does give me a head start. i have always been a translator/interpreter. so communicating with people has never been an issue of mine. hence why im a communications major here at HCC.

Whats next?

after HCC i plan to use my Mass Media Communications degree to pursue advertising, having that lead on learning how to write journal entries and communicate with people will definitely held out in this journey we call life.

Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

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