ybor, home to many humans and roosters

known for its brick walls and cobblestone streets. so much history in every turn.
with every turn, on every street theres always a friendly rooster to admire. take the time to enjoy it. take a step back from your hectic life and ponder the simplicity of being a rooster.
since the semester started ive been wanting to capture this image. its simple yet pleasing to look at. the leading lines that point to the object in the center, the shadows casted by the pillars.
this city has so much potential to be the next Wynwood, the next Venice beach. always capable to expand in history, art and architecture.
welcome to centro Ybor, home to its infamous cuban cigars, crazy nightlife, and delicious cuban sandwiches .
come watch a movie, listen to a comedian or just tour the plaza home to many shops, tattoo establishments and many more
speaking of tattoos..
if you want to meet tom cruise go ahead and get a free screening from our famous scientology “church” maybe you can find out the reason for this “religion”
hope you enjoyed.

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3 thoughts on “Photojournalism

  1. Hi Bryan! I love your photography of our beautiful city, Ybor. It has its flaws for sure, but those of us who live in the Tampa area can’t help but love it. We have the crazy chickens crossing the streets that make us mad for backing up traffic, yet entertain us! And of course, the crazy nightlife is definitely something you want to experience, or in some other’s viewpoints, don’t want to see, lol. There are definitely some awesome roots in Ybor!


  2. Hi Bryan, I too am amazed everyday coming to this campus, the location of Ybor is a historic beautiful city that has some mesmerizing key buildings on the way to class which makes me considering this campus over any other each semester. Great job on the pictures, it really highlights the moment I see everyday in this city, I would like to see some night time photography in which this city never sleeps.


  3. Hello Bryan! Ybor definitely has an interesting antic look to it. This is so cute, love your pictures and captions. I’ve always been intrigued into going to the church of Scientology so see what their whole religion is about. I also agree with Dillon, you should soooo take night pictures. They’d turn out great!


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