hyperlocal news

hyperlocal news websites are websites that are constantly being updated to what is currently going on around where you are at. it is alwasy being updated by a team of journalist or a single individual that focuses on multiple stories to update. based of of the two websites i searched



i was easily able to tell that the amount of time they put into extra unnecessary information is not as common as if it was a CNN or FOX websites.

thoses websites have multiple teams working on multiple projects allowing them to add entertainment, politics, buisnees (ETC)

for a hyperlocal news websites they might have those branches in the website but it wont be as in depth as the local news that is occurring,

in my opinion working on a hyperlocal news team might be even more stressful than that of a major news corporation.

One thought on “hyperlocal news

  1. Hey Bryan, good stuff. obviously we think about the overall structure in terms of the size of a newsroom and the funding or equipment at their disposal. I tend to forget about the ‘multiple teams’ aspect, with more journalists on staff to cover both the small and larger stories. I don’t know if it’s “unnecessary information” per say, but despite running 24 hours, of course the CNN and Fox’s have bigger fish to fry when it comes to overall coverage. I guess the question is, how can a news organization/platform effectively cover both local and national news appropriately and accurately?

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