My Dream

To fear change is to fear a better life.

-bryan Ruadez

hey there, my name is Bryan Ruadez. im 22 years old and my current passion in life is photography. Now the question is will it always be my passion or is this just some sort of fling that will dissapear within the following years.

how i started photography

my photographic journey really began when i was young. when i think back to my childhood i recall many albums, scrapbooks and binders filled with my childhood. birthdays, vacation, and simple days with my mom and dad.

But it wasn’t until the summer of 2016 that i took a trip with my 2 best friends to the south America country of Peru. where i documented the whole trip. every image and video is save onto a hard drive. Because i knew that once we got back to the united states, we would go off to college and start our life as college kids going into debt and partying every chance we got.

during my trip in Peru, one of my best friends mentioned to me that i should take up photography/videography when we got back, and prior to that the idea of being a photographer never entered my mind. i never even held a actual DSLR camera, or new any of the basic how to’s on how to operate one. so that semester that i invested into my first ever camera. a Canon t6. it had your standard 18-55mm lens with an aperture of about 4

the rest is history. i began shooting everything i could and studying the art of photography.

why Product Photography:

after shooting a lot of portraits of friends, strangers, clients and of course dogs, i ventured into shoe photography, where my dream of owning my own product photography company came to flourish. i feel inlove with the idea of creating advertisment for companys such as nike, or cologne companies. As we venture into the future with AI technology taking over, i know one thing, and that is that now matter how good robots become, nothing will beat the connection that us humans have with each other. and i know ill have a secure job.

4 thoughts on “My Dream

  1. OMG! I looked at the first picture and was like.. wow. Like how does one even take a picture like that? Then I saw the one with the shoe and was like holy sh*t this guy is sooo talentedddd!!!! I love how you went to Peru with your friends to pursue your dreams I would love to go on a breathe taking trip like that.


  2. Hi this is the real Astrid! Don’t mind Mimi’s comment through my account above. It’s very interesting how you enjoy product photography. Unlike the people and nature photos that we see so frequently, it’s cool to see the art of photography from a different and unique perspective. Sometimes I feel like the things we least expect of ourselves are what we end up falling in love with. Keep on doing your thing! Those shots look bomb


  3. Hey Bryan! I think you have an awesome talent and it is so nice to see you do what you love. Through those photos, I can tell how talented you are. It is so unique at least for me to see someone who wants to create advertisements photos for companies and I mean, you would do awesome cool job at it.
    Love the fact that you went to Peru and recorded and photographed your journey. I have traveled and I always forget to record, but I hope we get to see some of those videos that you took and learn a little about what you learned from Peru’s culture.


  4. Hey Bryan! There’s not doubt that you have talent! You should definitely take pictures and videos when you go on trips. I love watching those GoPro videos about people taking vacays, they’re super cute! If you still want to pursue a career in photography after college I say you should move to a bigger city where you can expose yourself. For example: New York and Los Angeles are very known for being the home for a lot of these popular brands. Or if you want to stay in Florida, Miami would be a great place too!


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